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10 Top Space Agencies in the World

Space programs are the part of ongoing scientific progression. These space programs and researches are conducted only through a well-established space agency. Therefore, space agency play a vital role in the economic sector as well as research sector of a country. Some countries have established their own fair performing space agencies and have contributed to their growth. Therefore, 10 top space agencies in the world:

1) NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

NASA is the national space agency of the United States of America. They conduct civilian space programs, aeronautics and space programs. The agency was established in 1958. Many space exploration missions have been conducted by NASA like Apollo Moon landing mission, which carried the first man on Moon. Also, they have sent rovers to MARS to study the topography as well as geography of the planet. They had launched Hubble space telescope in 1990. The telescope had provided distant images of the heavenly bodies.NASA was also involved in generating the first image of a real black hole. NASA is carrying out many missions like Artemis with coordination with Space X to launch humans into the lunar surface.

2) ROSCOSMOS or Russian Federation Space Agency (RFSA)

ROSCOSMOS is Russia’s own space agency which conducts space flights, space research and programs. ROSCOSMOS was formed in 1992 as the Russian Space

Agency following the dissolution of Soviet Union. They have their headquarters in Moscow, Russia.

The country was famous for its space programs at the time of Soviet Era.

The agency sent the first satellite in the world called Sputnik. Also, they sent the first man (Yuri Gagarin) and woman (Valentina Tereshkova) in space. Russia became a major partner of the US for major contribution in International Space Station (ISS) program.

3) CNSA (China National Space Administration)

CNSA is the state space agency of China. It was formed in 1993 and are involved in national space activities. They have their headquarters in Beijing, China. They have about three launch facilities across the country. In the year 2003, CNSA launched their first astronaut to space becoming the third country to conduct the mission after Soviet and US. Recently, they have launched their own rover to Mars called Zhurong rover to study the topography of the planet as well as the atmosphere. The CNSA have many plans for future like launching the country’s own space station called Tiangong Space Station which is expected to be complete by 2022.

4) ESA (European space Agency)

ESA is the space agency of the 22 nations of Europe. It was formed in the year 1970 by merging of ELDO (European Launcher Development Organization) and ESRO (European Space Research Organization). It was formed as a view to connect the whole Europe for space programs and research advancements. The ESA have the headquarters in Paris, France. They have their branches in the member countries as well. They have their own human spaceflight program and they are the active participants in ISS (International Space Station) program. Also with observatories they conduct research as well as telecommunications.

5) ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization)

ISRO is the national space agency of India. It is headquartered in Bengaluru, India. It was founded on 15 August 1969 by Vikram Sarabhai who was an Indian physicist. He is also known as the Father of Indian Space Program.

The space agency is involved in the space programs and research for the country. They have full launch capabilities and are also involved in extraterrestrial missions. They have also launched large fleet of foreign satellites as well. ISRO was the first space agency in the world to find water on moon through its Chandrayaan Mission. Recently, they have launched their own navigation system called NAVIC and GAGAN. The Organization had also carried out the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) which was accomplished with a small budget.

6) JAXA (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency)

JAXA is the space agency of Japan. It was formed in 2003 and have their headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. They are involved in the space programs and aviation programs of the country. The agency have conducted research involving infrared, X-ray and radio astronomy. Also, they are involved in solar observation.

7) German Space Agency (DLR)

DLR is the national space agency of Germany. With the headquarters in Cologne, Germany it was formed in 1969. DLR is involved in the country’s aerospace program, energy and transportation research.

They are involved in missions like Mars 2020 to search the past life in Mars, hydrogen research, moon exploration and quantum computing.

8) Italian Space Agency (ASI)

Italian Space Agency is the space agency of Italy. It was formed in 1988 and the headquarters are located in Rome, Italy. They are responsible to coordinate space exploration programs in the country. The agency also cooperates with various international organization in the field of space research. They also work in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA).

9) National Centre For Space Studies (CNSA)

The CNSA is the national space agency of France. They have their headquarters in Paris, France. It was formed in the year 1961. They are involved in various space programs, research and security related research. France have given much contributions to ESA. They are also involved in tracing the extraterrestrial life in space, also they are making their missions more sustainable.

10) Canadian Space Agency (CSA)

CSA is the space agency of Canada formed in 1990. With headquarters in Quebec, Canada they are involved in the country’s space and technology research programs. They have contributed to the ISS. Aloutte was the country’s first satellite launched in 1962. They were mostly involved in human spaceflight programs mostly which were the expeditions to the space station.

Space mission was started from the space race which involved USSR and US. After that, many countries took part in the race. Nowadays, we can see the unity of the world with space missions being conducted jointly. Space agency had become a key part of a country. Space agency not only provides economy to the nations but also the future and hope to human race.

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